Bearers on Newsarama

The good Mr. McLauchlin fed this to a few outlets, and Newsarama is the first to post it (to my knowledge).

Anyhow, check out a preview of my poor writing skills and other people's not-so-poor artistry.

The fans really seem to love it.*

The Long Day

Witchblade #100 is going out the door this week, so I pulled a 12.5 hour day at work to help make it very possible. It was a very long day, so long in fact that I don't know why I'm not sleeping right now. I've lost the power to reason.

My freelance gigs are falling behind, but I should get them on track this weekend. I just hope nothing mysterious or sinister happens to me at the Magic Castle this weekend. That place is spooky.


1 Down, 4 to Go

Last night I actually did some research, polishing off A Little Book of Aloha.

Not much in the way of useful info or proverbs, but it did plant two seeds in my mind.  Let's see if that pays off down the line.


Swallow It

It's easier than you think.

You're working on something for someone else. You have nothing invested but time, energy, and pride. When you're getting paid, it's pretty easy to let the last part go. Not even when you're getting paid a lot, just enough so you can say,"This is a job." It's not your heart, your soul, or something you can't let go of. If it were, you wouldn't be doing it in the first place.

Anyhow, these synopses were really getting to me. I was getting all these minor notes and changes, and I didn't see the point. It's not that I saw my words as gospel, it's just that I didn't see the point of the majority of changes. Then tonight it hit me. They're not paying me to give them what I want. They're paying me for a product that they want, and I'm okay with that. I'm giving in, acquesing to their whims and generally not caring whether they make perfect sense or not. If that's the way they want it, it's their money.

Is this selling out? Maybe. Do I feel like it is? Nope.

I'm a writer getting paid to write. What else is there?

Bearers went out last week. It's a sweet looking book, with amazing design by Phil Smith.

Keep in mind, I'll be at SDCC and Wizard World Chicago signing con exclusive variants of the book, if you're so inclined. I'll get a preview up here soon, but I'm really waiting on a site to do it first.

Behind Again

I'm way behind. I have four scripts and an outline to read, one of which I've already agreed to edit. The rest is a possible gig, but I'll have to learn more first.

I really need to get started on my research. I borrowed four books on Hawaii from Annie (who went to school in Hilo), but I have yet to open any of them.

How upsetting is it that every idea I get for a comic starts out with the opening pages and narration. As much as I don't want to use it (a holdover from my screenwriting training), I may as well just realize that the majority of the best comics, especially the styles I want to work in, utilize it.

Half of the reason I'm afraid to write right now is Ed Brubaker. The other half is Sean Phillips. Put them together and you've got Criminal. It's just not fair. Look at that trailer. How can I compete?



I had a fun weekend filled with all sorts of things, none of them working. Well, I did read Dead West by Rick Spears and Rob G. which is a lot of fun, but no research in the way of the Troy project or anything else.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy, but I still decided to beg for work on Monday. There have been a couple of bites thus far, some of them actually pretty promising. I'm really just hoping I can end up doing something that actually happens and matches my sensibilities.

I tried using SketchUp last night. It did not instantly turn a photo of me into a scary 3-D monster. Maybe I should have tried to read the directions.

I really need to get my proposal finished up so I can either push that boulder off the mountain or give up on the pipe dreams for now. I can't talk about that just yet, but we'll see.

Bearers is going out the door this week. It's actually going to be one of the Top Cow's first Image Advances titles. DC and Marvel ship one of each book a week early to comic shops every week, and Image recently joined the bandwagon. The idea is to drive up sales by letting retailer take a look at what's awesome before their fans come to the shop the following Wednesday. I'm excited. Orders are pretty good, and I expect that more people who pick up Witchblade #100 on a whim will grab Bearers as well.

Here's the pencil version of the con variant by E-Bas:

I did tell you it was getting a convention exclusive, didn't I?


Name Game

How do you name someone who lived in a time before names? Perhaps she even lived in a time before language. Calling her UGGH just doesn't seem right.


The First Monday

9:15am - Meeting with the company I'm doing the synopses/story bible for.  Overall very productive, and nice to know I'm actually doing work they're enjoying and can make use of.  The other nice thing is that I'm not working in a vacuum.  I'm getting almost constant feedback on every summary I write.  As much as I'd like to think my work is perfect from the first keystroke, it's pretty reassuring knowing that

At work - Finished the lineup for the Bearers book.  It's going to be well worth your $2.99, with only 2 ads in the entire book, and a whole bunch of text by me and pretty pictures by a bunch of people you've actually heard of.  I'd love for my debut to have been an actual comic, but I think this will be something I'm actually going to be fairly proud of.  Once I know for sure that it will go out next week, I will get an actual release date for you.

The Troy Project - I managed to scrounge up a few links on Hawaiian mythology.  I did some digging for urban legends and police blotter, but didn't come up with too much.  I may have to contact some of Annie's friends from college (Hilo) and see if they can provide me any information I might find interesting.  I'm hoping Troy has started digging, but I'm also not holding my breath.

At least I think I found an easy way into the story that will make us seem like we know what we're doing.  It's the opposite of Tarantino-esque, more noir detective than anything if we can play it right. 

12:40 am (Tues.) -  After three hours, I've finished another round of corrections and additions to the bible.  Overall this project has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would.  Boiling down even a five page treatment or idea into a tight, single-page synopsis + teaser isn't as easy as I thought it would be when I took the job.  Luckily, I'm getting paid for each entry, so it's not like I locked myself into a lump some deal and have 30 more to do for some previously agreed upon price.

Beyond the money though, I took the gig because it's paid writing.  Dr. Whittington always talked about how you know you've made it in your field when someone starts paying you to do what you want to do.  I'm getting paid to write, and while it's still a little odd for me to sit down and actually write (as opposed to just thinking about it), it's a great feeling.  Hopefully I can keep this momentum going for when I get my OGN underway.

The Writer of the day is Dan Wickline.  A friend of mine let me peruse a new anthology book I'm not sure I can actually mention yet.  He's got somewhere between 5 and 7 stories in 22 pages, and some of them are really solid.  It's hard to cram that much story into such a condensed space, but I didn't feel cheated at all.  I'll try to mention more once it's on sale.

Read Dan's blog here

Sorry I'm not an artist.  I know it's a lot more fun when you have something to look at (see previous entry), but them's the breaks.  I do words, someone else does pictures.  Maybe I'll start taking pictures of the workplace or something.  That'll confuse you into thinking I'm a real artist.  Right?


Bearers is a Wrap (fingers crossed)

My impending published debut is pretty much a wrap.

I just finished work on my final draft, getting everything in chronological order, making sure names worked, and fixing tenses. It took me a few hours what with finishing one of my reference texts, doing extensive names research, and rejiggering so the timeline comes out right. I should have done it a week or so ago, but I just couldn't get back to it. Troy read through it and noted that there's more text in the book than in all four issues of Down.

As far as names go, does anyone else find the process of coming up with them infuriating? I'm not talking about the agony of whether to name your protagonist Jack or Jake, but when you have a character that needs a name according to an ethno-geographic background. It's amazing, you spend all this time researching etymology, meanings, and trying to find things that flow well, and then it looks like you picked something totally arbitrary. I don't even know what some of the names I came up with mean anymore, but I know I chose them all for a reason.


Witchblade: Bearers of the Blade - on sale July! (not the final cover- but Bachalo does rule...)

Pre-order it from Mile High

I'll have more links once it goes on sale.


In the tradition of Hemmingway and others, I finally bought my first Moleskine today.

I really got suckered with the 18-month calendar that starts next month and fits in my pocket, so then I just bought two ruled notebooks to make me feel like a writer.

Let's see, last night I was drinking. Today I'm angry and losing money. I think it's working.

It Begins Anew (Welcome to the Workblog)

Okay, this blog went over so badly the last time that not only did Blond have more posts than me (2 to my 1), he even deleted them without telling me.

Well, seems as good a time as ever to start the work blog now that Troy and I have actually gotten this thing underway.

The Point:
  • No diary, just work.
  • The struggles
  • The triumphs
  • Writing is writing. I've gotta start somewhere.
I'm doing a lot of work right now.
  1. I'm writing a company's story bible.
  2. I've got an OGN on the back burner, but it's semi-guaranteed to happen at some point.
  3. I've got my own work struggles at the Cow.
  4. My first published and credited work goes to the printer the week after next.
  5. Troy and I are researching our story.
  6. I'm starting work on a TV spec.
  7. Also, I've given up on sleeping.

I'll also be doing a lot of suggestions such as, wouldn't it be nice to work with Kody Chamberlain?

Welcome to the show. And if you're wondering about the address, it's because I also bought the .com this week, and eventually I'll be running something out of there. It's a hell of a slogan if you have any idea what it means. For these purposes, you can just think that it means I'm not waiting on nepotism or connections to make it. Fingers crossed that I have some talent.