Behind Again

I'm way behind. I have four scripts and an outline to read, one of which I've already agreed to edit. The rest is a possible gig, but I'll have to learn more first.

I really need to get started on my research. I borrowed four books on Hawaii from Annie (who went to school in Hilo), but I have yet to open any of them.

How upsetting is it that every idea I get for a comic starts out with the opening pages and narration. As much as I don't want to use it (a holdover from my screenwriting training), I may as well just realize that the majority of the best comics, especially the styles I want to work in, utilize it.

Half of the reason I'm afraid to write right now is Ed Brubaker. The other half is Sean Phillips. Put them together and you've got Criminal. It's just not fair. Look at that trailer. How can I compete?

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