The First Monday

9:15am - Meeting with the company I'm doing the synopses/story bible for.  Overall very productive, and nice to know I'm actually doing work they're enjoying and can make use of.  The other nice thing is that I'm not working in a vacuum.  I'm getting almost constant feedback on every summary I write.  As much as I'd like to think my work is perfect from the first keystroke, it's pretty reassuring knowing that

At work - Finished the lineup for the Bearers book.  It's going to be well worth your $2.99, with only 2 ads in the entire book, and a whole bunch of text by me and pretty pictures by a bunch of people you've actually heard of.  I'd love for my debut to have been an actual comic, but I think this will be something I'm actually going to be fairly proud of.  Once I know for sure that it will go out next week, I will get an actual release date for you.

The Troy Project - I managed to scrounge up a few links on Hawaiian mythology.  I did some digging for urban legends and police blotter, but didn't come up with too much.  I may have to contact some of Annie's friends from college (Hilo) and see if they can provide me any information I might find interesting.  I'm hoping Troy has started digging, but I'm also not holding my breath.

At least I think I found an easy way into the story that will make us seem like we know what we're doing.  It's the opposite of Tarantino-esque, more noir detective than anything if we can play it right. 

12:40 am (Tues.) -  After three hours, I've finished another round of corrections and additions to the bible.  Overall this project has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would.  Boiling down even a five page treatment or idea into a tight, single-page synopsis + teaser isn't as easy as I thought it would be when I took the job.  Luckily, I'm getting paid for each entry, so it's not like I locked myself into a lump some deal and have 30 more to do for some previously agreed upon price.

Beyond the money though, I took the gig because it's paid writing.  Dr. Whittington always talked about how you know you've made it in your field when someone starts paying you to do what you want to do.  I'm getting paid to write, and while it's still a little odd for me to sit down and actually write (as opposed to just thinking about it), it's a great feeling.  Hopefully I can keep this momentum going for when I get my OGN underway.

The Writer of the day is Dan Wickline.  A friend of mine let me peruse a new anthology book I'm not sure I can actually mention yet.  He's got somewhere between 5 and 7 stories in 22 pages, and some of them are really solid.  It's hard to cram that much story into such a condensed space, but I didn't feel cheated at all.  I'll try to mention more once it's on sale.

Read Dan's blog here

Sorry I'm not an artist.  I know it's a lot more fun when you have something to look at (see previous entry), but them's the breaks.  I do words, someone else does pictures.  Maybe I'll start taking pictures of the workplace or something.  That'll confuse you into thinking I'm a real artist.  Right?

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