It Begins Anew (Welcome to the Workblog)

Okay, this blog went over so badly the last time that not only did Blond have more posts than me (2 to my 1), he even deleted them without telling me.

Well, seems as good a time as ever to start the work blog now that Troy and I have actually gotten this thing underway.

The Point:
  • No diary, just work.
  • The struggles
  • The triumphs
  • Writing is writing. I've gotta start somewhere.
I'm doing a lot of work right now.
  1. I'm writing a company's story bible.
  2. I've got an OGN on the back burner, but it's semi-guaranteed to happen at some point.
  3. I've got my own work struggles at the Cow.
  4. My first published and credited work goes to the printer the week after next.
  5. Troy and I are researching our story.
  6. I'm starting work on a TV spec.
  7. Also, I've given up on sleeping.

I'll also be doing a lot of suggestions such as, wouldn't it be nice to work with Kody Chamberlain?

Welcome to the show. And if you're wondering about the address, it's because I also bought the .com this week, and eventually I'll be running something out of there. It's a hell of a slogan if you have any idea what it means. For these purposes, you can just think that it means I'm not waiting on nepotism or connections to make it. Fingers crossed that I have some talent.

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