Here and Gone Again

I'm headed to Chicago in the morning, so don't expect much from me. Maybe a bit tonight as I got notes on my treatment that I need to revise tonight before I leave...

Warren Ellis made an announcement. I'm interested in doing something.

I watched Little Miss Sunshine yesterday afternoon and it changed my world. No time to comment now, but let's just say I miss film. I'm thinking (and rethinking) about a lot right now.


SDCC Ender

Back from the show.

Loads of insanity, good meetings, and good times. My feet are killing me and I almost killed myself driving home. So did the truck and the car that tried to run me off the road, but that was before I even found out that Red Bull does nothing.

Anyway, sleep is imminent and very much needed...


The Road to San Diego...

...is paved with good intentions. It's also paved with plenty of to-dos, print outs, and one very unfinished treatment.

My plan to pull a (mostly) all-nighter ended about eight hours early when I went to sleep and never came back. I've done some more pre-writing work on it at work, as well as re-read Alan Moore's Writing for Comics, but there's still the whole actual writing thing to do.

Oh, and now I have the damn hiccups.

Titular Slowdown

I spent some time trying to get the issue titles right.

I thought that if I knew what each book should be called, then it would make it easier to focus what was happening in each one versus the larger arc. I spent time looking for the right one-word terms to make the issues fit the feel I wanted them to have, but it took more time than it was worth, especially considering what I ended up with. I've already added in a new element that I like, but it's all that I've added. I've barely got Book One roughly plotted out, but I still have three more issues to go (It's a four-issue OGN roughly). And then I have to write it up fancy.

The other thing, this book already got optioned for TV. It's a done deal, so the editor on the book, and my co-writer, has been working with the showrunner to try and get it where he wants the property to be. The thing is, there are elements in his notes that don't translate from film to comics (it's not as seamless as some would have you believe), and I'm not sure I like the balance of reality and darkness in their version.

What I keep telling myself is that someone is paying me to write. That makes me a professional writer. I've got the keys, I'm just driving on a private road. When this is over, I'll have enough money to buy my own car, and then I can do my own thing.

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I'm taking an hour nap and getting back to work.


All right. I'm Hired...

I'm attached to an actual comic.

I'll be writing a book starting today and due out next year. An OGN that I'm actually co-writing, but it's based on a treatment I did a few months ago. The pay is crap, it's not a solo credit, but it's something that will see print sooner rather than never. Gotta be happy about that.

I have a lot of work to do between now and SDCC.



This morning I developed a zombie project. All in the time before it took me to finish brushing. And no, rotting teeth on my person are not the reason I came up with this.

I've often told people that I think Memento is the most original movie that will come out in my lifetime. Having just seen the trailer for The Prestige, I'm not positive that statement will change, but it does increase my respect (and minor disdain) for Christopher Nolan.

I don't need to be prolific. I'd like to be good enough to keep working though. I just want to kick it off, or even just know that one day I'll have an idea worthy of a Nolan or a Grant Morrison. I don't need to blow minds, I just want to punch them a little.

The pre-SDCC madness continues. Will I ever go home again? Too many books, too many items, too many creators, too many headaches...


Research - Do These Exist?

At some point tonight, Church asks me my opinion of three haikus. They involve gerbil insertion, inebriation, wasabe, and clever line configuration that reminded me of So I Married an Axe Murderer.

When I asked him why he was creating haikus, and he told me someone had asked him to write some for them. I asked if he was in a weird haiku chain letter gang. "No," he says. "But that's definitely the best kind of chain letter gang."

Wait. Are there chain letter gangs? I thought I just made that up. He responds with: "I don't know, aren't there?" So, here I sit, wondering if I'm stumbled on a golden nugget, or whether or not I just missed the boat on another trend the cool kids never told me about.

I've got another writing project coming up from Top Cow. Again, not a comic, but paid writing work. I'm chipping away. Just last week I was told that I could pitch storylines and one-shots/minis for me to advance my writing career. While being invited to pitch doesn't mean anything will ever happen, it does mean the door is open to it potentially happening. I'm all about the hypothetical.

The next 6 months are going to be very busy and very crucial. Enough blogging, more writing...

I'm going to work on the unnamed project right now. It should be in your December solicits, I'm guessing it will be the item without the writer credited. Now, the preparation phase.


Art Link - Canete

The blog of artist Eric Canete. Link me.


Art is Easy


My 1st Writing Credit and Daniel Way (in reverse order)

First, Daniel (Wolverine: Origins) on why his stories have a reputation for being decompressed:

“Because the ‘decompress’ key is stuck on my keyboard.”

Second, here is my first published writing credit, page designed by the very talented Phil Smith:

If my name is too small, peep it right here.


One More Monday...

I finished doing some editing for my good friends Nat and Ryan, the creative team behind the high-octane, high-action, just plain high five issue mini-series, Carson City. I would have liked to have been involved at an earlier stage, although I'm not sure I would have wanted them to do much different than what actually played out. All five scripts were written, so my job was more continuity editor, making sure things lined up, made sense, and didn't need to be completely redone. I liked the book. It's funny, has good characters, and some really clever ideas. When it gets picked up, I'll give it a mention here, and maybe they'll give me a mention in it.

If you were to read a hard-boiled noirish book written by me, would you rather it star:
  • A hitman
  • A grifter
  • A private detective
  • A layman
This is something I've wrestling with. I've got a title and a mood, and an idea of the character, I'm just not sure exactly what direction I want to take him.

We got our comps of Bearers of the Blade. In a lot of ways I wish I had gotten published before working for a publisher. I didn't get that buzz most people talk about the first time they see their names in print. Maybe it's because my written by credit is really tiny, or because it's a book that I edited, but I miss the tingle I heard was supposed to be there. Maybe one of you will be kind enough to buy the sweet con variant edition and ask me to sign it. Then I can glow for you.

Speaking of work, I just sent a letter that could have positive negative ramifications for me, but I feel totally justified in doing so. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. It's the way I feel about writing, and it's the way I feel about editing. Sometimes you have to trust yourself enough to fall flat on your face.

And more work... I stepped up today and started doing some design work. I may have worked in production for the last 18 months, but I've never been comfortable with design. Check the back of Hunter-Killer #6 to check out my handless work. Maybe I'll post those pages up when they get edited and approved. One page is all me, but thanks to Chaz for the background texture on the rest of the pages.

Troy and I have our second meeting tonight. Obviously, you know, we're on the ball. Hopefully he's done some research too, or solidified more of an idea of where we're going.

Had a quick chat with Brian today about collaboration and some reasons it hasn't worked for him lately. It's hard to take a step back and make sure you're working on the same page and toward the same ideas as your collaborators. It's gotta be one hell of a feeling when you really mesh with someone. Maybe that will happen to me soon, or maybe I'll just go it alone. Either way, you'll hear about it here.


For the Art Crowd - Progressions

Go through the process of bringing Fell to life with Ben Templesmith.

Here. Those are two different links, and yes, I'm still not working.


Fake Dilemma

It's so easy to be one of those writers who doesn't write.

The guy who sits in the back of every room nay saying, knowing his ideas are better than everyone else's. But he doesn't do anything. He just sits there. He doesn't act, he just talks.

That's me. That's Troy too. We're trying to change all of that.

I'm way overloaded, but things are looking up more and more each day. I just need to get through the next few weeks, and then really buckle down. No more hypothesizing, time for work.

My San Diego is going to be a very busy one, much to the chagrin of some. Stop by booth #2045 if you have a chance.