This morning I developed a zombie project. All in the time before it took me to finish brushing. And no, rotting teeth on my person are not the reason I came up with this.

I've often told people that I think Memento is the most original movie that will come out in my lifetime. Having just seen the trailer for The Prestige, I'm not positive that statement will change, but it does increase my respect (and minor disdain) for Christopher Nolan.

I don't need to be prolific. I'd like to be good enough to keep working though. I just want to kick it off, or even just know that one day I'll have an idea worthy of a Nolan or a Grant Morrison. I don't need to blow minds, I just want to punch them a little.

The pre-SDCC madness continues. Will I ever go home again? Too many books, too many items, too many creators, too many headaches...

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