One More Monday...

I finished doing some editing for my good friends Nat and Ryan, the creative team behind the high-octane, high-action, just plain high five issue mini-series, Carson City. I would have liked to have been involved at an earlier stage, although I'm not sure I would have wanted them to do much different than what actually played out. All five scripts were written, so my job was more continuity editor, making sure things lined up, made sense, and didn't need to be completely redone. I liked the book. It's funny, has good characters, and some really clever ideas. When it gets picked up, I'll give it a mention here, and maybe they'll give me a mention in it.

If you were to read a hard-boiled noirish book written by me, would you rather it star:
  • A hitman
  • A grifter
  • A private detective
  • A layman
This is something I've wrestling with. I've got a title and a mood, and an idea of the character, I'm just not sure exactly what direction I want to take him.

We got our comps of Bearers of the Blade. In a lot of ways I wish I had gotten published before working for a publisher. I didn't get that buzz most people talk about the first time they see their names in print. Maybe it's because my written by credit is really tiny, or because it's a book that I edited, but I miss the tingle I heard was supposed to be there. Maybe one of you will be kind enough to buy the sweet con variant edition and ask me to sign it. Then I can glow for you.

Speaking of work, I just sent a letter that could have positive negative ramifications for me, but I feel totally justified in doing so. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. It's the way I feel about writing, and it's the way I feel about editing. Sometimes you have to trust yourself enough to fall flat on your face.

And more work... I stepped up today and started doing some design work. I may have worked in production for the last 18 months, but I've never been comfortable with design. Check the back of Hunter-Killer #6 to check out my handless work. Maybe I'll post those pages up when they get edited and approved. One page is all me, but thanks to Chaz for the background texture on the rest of the pages.

Troy and I have our second meeting tonight. Obviously, you know, we're on the ball. Hopefully he's done some research too, or solidified more of an idea of where we're going.

Had a quick chat with Brian today about collaboration and some reasons it hasn't worked for him lately. It's hard to take a step back and make sure you're working on the same page and toward the same ideas as your collaborators. It's gotta be one hell of a feeling when you really mesh with someone. Maybe that will happen to me soon, or maybe I'll just go it alone. Either way, you'll hear about it here.

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