Research - Do These Exist?

At some point tonight, Church asks me my opinion of three haikus. They involve gerbil insertion, inebriation, wasabe, and clever line configuration that reminded me of So I Married an Axe Murderer.

When I asked him why he was creating haikus, and he told me someone had asked him to write some for them. I asked if he was in a weird haiku chain letter gang. "No," he says. "But that's definitely the best kind of chain letter gang."

Wait. Are there chain letter gangs? I thought I just made that up. He responds with: "I don't know, aren't there?" So, here I sit, wondering if I'm stumbled on a golden nugget, or whether or not I just missed the boat on another trend the cool kids never told me about.

I've got another writing project coming up from Top Cow. Again, not a comic, but paid writing work. I'm chipping away. Just last week I was told that I could pitch storylines and one-shots/minis for me to advance my writing career. While being invited to pitch doesn't mean anything will ever happen, it does mean the door is open to it potentially happening. I'm all about the hypothetical.

The next 6 months are going to be very busy and very crucial. Enough blogging, more writing...

I'm going to work on the unnamed project right now. It should be in your December solicits, I'm guessing it will be the item without the writer credited. Now, the preparation phase.

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