Titular Slowdown

I spent some time trying to get the issue titles right.

I thought that if I knew what each book should be called, then it would make it easier to focus what was happening in each one versus the larger arc. I spent time looking for the right one-word terms to make the issues fit the feel I wanted them to have, but it took more time than it was worth, especially considering what I ended up with. I've already added in a new element that I like, but it's all that I've added. I've barely got Book One roughly plotted out, but I still have three more issues to go (It's a four-issue OGN roughly). And then I have to write it up fancy.

The other thing, this book already got optioned for TV. It's a done deal, so the editor on the book, and my co-writer, has been working with the showrunner to try and get it where he wants the property to be. The thing is, there are elements in his notes that don't translate from film to comics (it's not as seamless as some would have you believe), and I'm not sure I like the balance of reality and darkness in their version.

What I keep telling myself is that someone is paying me to write. That makes me a professional writer. I've got the keys, I'm just driving on a private road. When this is over, I'll have enough money to buy my own car, and then I can do my own thing.

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I'm taking an hour nap and getting back to work.

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