Failure Comes in 7s

Clicking this link will take you to what was supposed to be the opening page of my very much still and soon to remain defunct website. Yeah, that's some classy stuff right there.

Between two busted computers, one useless brain, and a lack of motivation to do anything but lacerate important parts and get black-out drunk, I'm really going full steam ahead on everything in the world I have to do.

I'm so far behind on life, that it will be a wonder if I ever get back to even. Damn con season and lack of prolification. I'd love to be one of those guys that just loads up a ream of paper and knows when to change acts based on how much paper remains. I can barely type two coherent sentences without boiling, and the only thing I'm excited about is the web comic I have no artist and no scripts for.

I'm going to start writing it right now. And then the phone rings...

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T said...

your site = not too shabby. Better than what I would've come up with :)