I Hate Printers

You know the best part about working in publishing? Having the printer screw things up for no apparent reason.

Normally I have no real issues. Our books print very well, on high stock, and there are rarely any problems. Occassionally a black plate will print wrong on a single page, but you can only really see this at the right angle. Since I've been here, we've only had one major snafu as far as completely wrong things printing. We printed a Witchblade convention variant cover on Wanted#4's interior, and amazingly its back cover as well. Anyway, freak accident that, and it was for a small run item. That actually makes its value go up in a case such as that.

Anyhow, cut to mid July. We printed quite a few books in June and July to make sure we had them for SDCC. One of them was a book that we had in waaayyy early. It had to make the show. But somehow, the show opened and it wasn't there for Preview Night (and neither were our business cards). Ditto for Thursday, and again Friday. We got it just before the signing of some of the people involved that day. Hot off the presses, and with a blemish. You do everything you can, and then something screws up. There it is, set in proverbial stone, preserved for all time. (Can a book with a blemish, a problem in the printing, mind you, not an incorrect page, actually get a CGC 10.0?)

This week I've been trying to get our books from last week approved with our usual printer. There were some slight switcheroos, and all the sudden I find myself 4+ e-mails deep into this process, and five (four?) days without a single response. I keep getting e-mails from the printer, but none seem to address anything from my previous e-mails. They're waiting on me, but I'm waiting on them. It's this merry-go-round of non-communication that has me loving the fact that not only might two books go later than they're supposed to, but that they might also print incorrectly.

I just want one day where everything makes sense, and where freelancers tell me the truth. I'm actually getting closer to the latter, as my goal is to be the most honest editor in comics, and I feel like the talent is actually responding to that in a small way. Who knew honesty still counted for something? As far as things making sense...

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