Progress Reported

My flight was delayed. I had already finished Duncan Rouleau's existential masterpiece, The Nightmarist. The only thing left to do was read the other six books in my bag, or buckle down and get to work on the 85% final version of the treatment.

So I did. I busted open my virgin Moleskine and a pack of note cards and I did what I couldn't do staring at a computer screen. I wrote out every note that popped into my head, questions and possibilities as well. In between thoughts I wrote down scene ideas. I'd call them headings, but they seem more like ideas, images of what could be, than actual headings (murder scene, rape scene, etc.). Anyhow, I still have a whole bunch more cards to write, decisions to make, and then type the revised version up, but I'm moving somewhere. Last week I was pretty much treading water.

If it isn't a breakthrough, at least it's progess.

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