I spent Sunday night staying up until 3am Baltimore time working on the treatment.

I went totally simplified, writing down scene headings on note cards and buying a $1 coupon organizer from Target to keep everything in its place. A few scenes never found a home (like the random beating and/or rape scene), but overall I think it helped me get a better picture of what I was working with than text on screen. A few days later, and I'm 83% certain that we're talking about an approved treatment. Next stage, scripts.

Interesting times at work, as four different writers followed up me with so far this week regarding treatments. No news to report there, not that I ever could (we save the good stuff for cons and press releases). Another writer is showing up regarding yet another pitch tomorrow, and I've had the good fortune of being invited to tag along. I assume the invite includes permission to speak, but I'm playing it close to the vest for now.

And because that doesn't quite qualify as interesting, here's what is. For today through next Friday, I'm acting Editor-in-Chief. I'm not sure if acting or defacto is the proper term, but Renae is taking a much-needed and well-deserved vacation from the business we call show (or comics, I keep forgetting). That puts me in charge of everything I do, everything I should be doing, and a whole bunch of stuff I have no idea about. So far nothing has come from too far out in left field, but the week, and my tenure, isn't anywhere close to finished.

Currently reading Grant Morrison's Pop Magic. I'm really trying to expand my mind and make WWGMD more of a mantra than a simple slogan. I'll let you know how it goes. My first foray into chaos magic saw me studying (sort of) Philip Hine's writings on the subject. I couldn't get my mind in the proper place to actually start practicing.

Apparently, according to The Man, all you need to do is declare yourself a magician, and then do it. I quote:

"Simple. Declare yourself a magician, behave like a magician, practice magic every day."

Now back to your regularly scheduled metaphysical programming.

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