I passed out earlier trying to read a script. I thought that was it for my night, but somehow a glass of chocolate milk gave me a second wind.

Woke up, read the last nine pages of the script, and sent my one note on it off to the writer and our lovely Editress-In-Chieftain. Tomorrow they'll call me a hack, but tonight I rule the webspace.

After that I resumed writing Book 1 of my OGN. My progress had stalled a little what with my nuts sleeping patterns of late and some personal issues. Now it looks like I'm firmly back on track and in no danger of missing my first deadline. Now, whether the book is good, that's a whole other issue. At this point, I think more weight will be on the artist than me. I'm really allowing a lot of freedom in the script, or at least I feel like I am, so it will take some work to get it to be this amazing work my mother expects of me. Alan Moore I'm not. I'm trying to be terse yet descriptive in script and dialogue, so we'll see. Getting my first set of notes will be an interesting process. I think I'm almost more scared of doing a good job than being asked for a rewrite. At least I would know what to fix if the latter happened and I got copious notes, but when people tell you they love something, you want to make sure you know why as well.

I've also discovered that I can't talk to Church about work. He doesn't seem to get, or I can't seem to explain, my work-for-hire status on the book. He thinks all comics have the potential to be Grant Morrison comics, but that isn't what they want here. This is a much more straightforward book, blending genres but not bending minds and perceptions. I think.

What does he know anyway? Everything he wants to do is weird and subversive. Even David Lynch does something straight forward once in a while.

I really like Ron Marz. Good writer, good person, good conversationalist. Good man, that Marz. I think it's a good thing that I don't hate a guy we do this much work with, and whose work I also grew up reading. That's right folks, Kyle Rayner is my Green Lantern.

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