Crunch Time

Got a little more insight on my issues with narration. The thing I have to remember is that Brian Cox isn't Robert McKee and he won't be yelling at me for using narration. There's a difference between film and comics, as many similarities as they may share. There are different rules, different pacing, and different everything. So I'm going to let the story be my guide.

Today is the last day I have to work on my first draft of my first issue of my first comic. That sounds pretty cool to say, I just wish I had gotten more work done yesterday. I couldn't focus so I ended up thinking about the book while watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That show, while maybe overrated by my roommate, is highly underrated. Good stuff.

Time to finish up my book. At least the Falcons aren't on TV, so that's one distraction down.

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