I'm addicted to work.

I spent about twelve hours at work on Friday, ten or eleven yesterday, and I could have left tonight anywhere from 2-3 hours ago. I hung around to poorly design a fake ad, read pitch, and write e-mails to talent. I wonder if I'm any better than just okay at my job. I know I still have a ways to go, but editing is contingent on so many factors - talent, scheduling, budgets, knowledge, company edicts, etc. I wonder how I'm doing, given everything and my own agenda. Am I merely plugging holes? Am I steering us in the right direction? Can anyone hear me.

Saturday was the most productive writing day I've had in forever. 7 pages in one day. Not sure they're any good, in fact I know they could be better, but a seven page day is a seven page day. I'll take it. Now all I have to do is stop getting tripped up by myself and keep working. I'm really hoping that thinking about layouts and pacing will start to come more naturally as I keep writing comic scripts. I'm just so intrinsically drawn and in the mindset of the screenplay form, that I find the biggest chore just knowing where things go and how quickly. Eisner touched on pacing between panels issues, but I'm nowhere close to figuring this out. Right now I'm writing as if my artist will know exactly what I want on some pages, and letting them fill in the rest on others. I don't know what my style is yet. Sue me. And if I wrote everything I thought, I would hamper them anyhow.

On the artist front, things are in semi-limbo. Looks like my first choice, previously mentioned on this here blog, is available to do the book. All we have to do is get it approved through the various channels and I could be a very crappy (decent?) writer working with a very good, very underrated future star.

I'm using my iPod for the first time today. Opened it weeks ago, then nothing. Threw a bunch of emo and Eels music on there, and took it to go. Bought a case at Best Buy, the DLo VideoShell too. I'm returning it in favor of the iSkin eVo3, as the one I bought comes pre-scratched. Anyway, having music in the loo and on the way to the food court is nice, but I've yet to get the addiction. Not like music is work, right?

Anyone with accessory suggestions, feel free to pipe up.

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