Extraneous Speech

I haven't figured out how I feel about narration in comics.

Alan Moore can do it. Everyone that's ever written Wolverine thinks they can do it. It's certainly much more viable and integral to a great many stories than voice-over narration is in the cinema. But is it more harm than help?

I had a whole hook, a reason to use narration in my book. But I didn't really feel the need to narrate enough, as I'd rather let the story tell itself, and so I had to rethink my plan. I like the little bit I did, but it wasn't enough to make it make sense to keep it.

Got my first five pages tweaked and added a new one in, and I did two or three pages overall tonight, not including the tweaks. Still on track for Monday, as my quest to get my first pic artist inches ever closer to the home stretch.

Anyway, really tired. I've got a long day tomorrow. I wanted to get one more page done, get my total down to an even number, but my vision is starting to blur. Night to all.

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