Lack of

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been beset by inability to focus, lack of determination, and the fact that it's upwards of 86 degrees in my apartment when I try to sleep at 1am. Amazingly, it was only 82 this morning when the sun was on its way up.

Anyhow, just wanted to pop on and link to a new artist I had never heard of until today. In viewing the amazing James Jean's (2 time Eisner-winner for best cover artists) work blog (which puts mine to shame 1,000 times over), he mentioned Christopher Niemann. Now, I had never heard of him either, but his stuff is really cool. I think it's time that we started looking beyond comic artists and really try to find someone like the next Dave Johnson to really make some of our covers work beyond traditional posed imagery.

Now for the pretty:

James Jean

Christopher Niemann

Dave Johnson
(interesting note, the original cover showed the figure on top as the King, and on bottom as the Jack...)

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