Well, that's a nice feeling.

I just put the finishing touches on my first draft. I've written a comic. It's at this point that I wait a few days and they tell me something along the lines of, "We really like what you're doing, and we definitely want to work with you in the future, but we're going to go a different direction on this project." I'll smile, they'll tell me that they hope I understand, and that I'll still be paid for my efforts.

Or maybe they'll tell me it's decent. That's what I want to happen. Or for them to say, this is shitty, this is golden, and here's how to make it all work. I don't know. This will really be the first time my creative writing, not my ability to summarize, has been put to the test at such a high level. Based on the three page sample I sent to someone, I think it will at least be passable. Enough that I won't need a page one rewrite.

Either way, I just finished, so now I need to do another pass and make sure that there isn't a missing page or the worst line in the world stuck in there. I've got some issues with some of the later stuff, but it's still too wet for me to mess with it. I'm going to take the Marz route and rescript after I get the line art. I'm working full script, as I don't know how to just plot, nor would I want to. I think I mentioned, there's a lot of room for the artist to play with things. Not a lot of opportunity for money shots, but maybe that's the kind of thing an editorial pass will fix.

Or maybe the money comes later... After the fame...

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