Hot Damn!

I don't know how much I can say about my book, considering I haven't even mentioned anything except it involved me writing and is four issues of potential awesome wrapped into a single OGN volume, but I've gotten cryptic news.

When I asked for artist approval, I really wanted veto power more than anything else to not get stuck with some talentless and flavorless artist whose work is barely better than my own (art, not writing). I didn't actually think I would get my #1 choice on the book, but sometimes things end up coming together in exactly the right ways.

When I can share more, such as his identity, or anything about/from the book, this is the place to find out about it. You know, eventually.


v2 Completion

I finished the polish, incorporating notes and whatever ideas I didn't come up with between my first draft and my second drafts. It's really more of a polish, as I tend to think of a draft as something more akin to a page one rewrite or where motivations and characters actually change. I did more clarification than alteration, although I think a minor tweak or two will actually help make later events a little more cohesive.

Now I'm jumping back onto issue #2 and trying to finish it in about a week. If I get into a good rhythm, and I don't fall asleep, I can do 7 pages in a day. I don't like to, because I feel like I lose myself at the end and it could end up reading like a rush job, but I'm fairly confident that I can pace myself out over the next 8 days and finish with another script I can tolerate, and maybe even be proud of.

Speaking of pacing, NANOWRIMO is coming 'round the bend again. I'd love to get down for this, just to try and push myself and see what happens, but I'm busy enough with work that writing paid work is a lot on my plate, so I'll target '07 as my first attempt. We'll play it by ear though, as prose isn't exactly the easiest thing to structure. My brain is much more geared for screenwriting than anything else. While I really like prose, anything beyond short form is beyond my current comfort zone.


File Mover

Because other programs like this generally suck, let me introduce you to my new friend, Pando.

I think it's great because it's free. And easy. And makes me make me think of how life should be.

Thanks to one of the two Jasons I met last month for the info.



Troy tells me that Matt Fraction's writing voice is my everyday voice.

I'm not sure there's a better compliment I can get before lunch. Feel free to try.


Dead Body Squad

File this under inspiring research.

I want to see this documentary series. One never knows when morbid facts can come in handy. I'm speaking both as a writer and a conversationalist.


Middle Man

Everybody hates the middle man.

Somehow, that's what I've become. The guy caught between companies, employees, departments, etc. At what point did everyone start hating everything they do and everyone they do it with? I'm sure that's not really the case, but it definitely feels that way.

I just want to go home and bury my head in the sand. I'm tired of pettiness, squabbling, and over exertion. I'm just tired...

Work, Work, Work

That's all I do. I'm like one of those Keebler elves or whoever showed up in that movie with Snow White. Only I don't whistle. I have the power, but I don't do it whilst I work.

I've been having a lot of ideas pop into my head. Maybe it's because it's TV season and movies still suck, or maybe I'm an unfocused madman. I'm checking both boxes. Just can't seem to stick with one idea for very long of late, probably because I'm always in the middle of something else when "inspiration" strikes.

Anyhow, things at work are insane. Deadlines are useless it seems. There is no easy button in comics.


An Artist

Filip Sablik, newly of Top Cow, is an artist of rising stature.

Check out his workblog here, or in the links to the right. Maybe one day he'll find me across the web and we can be Top Cow buddies blogging our freelance working lives. Or I could just drop him a line and beg. I'm still deciding.