v2 Completion

I finished the polish, incorporating notes and whatever ideas I didn't come up with between my first draft and my second drafts. It's really more of a polish, as I tend to think of a draft as something more akin to a page one rewrite or where motivations and characters actually change. I did more clarification than alteration, although I think a minor tweak or two will actually help make later events a little more cohesive.

Now I'm jumping back onto issue #2 and trying to finish it in about a week. If I get into a good rhythm, and I don't fall asleep, I can do 7 pages in a day. I don't like to, because I feel like I lose myself at the end and it could end up reading like a rush job, but I'm fairly confident that I can pace myself out over the next 8 days and finish with another script I can tolerate, and maybe even be proud of.

Speaking of pacing, NANOWRIMO is coming 'round the bend again. I'd love to get down for this, just to try and push myself and see what happens, but I'm busy enough with work that writing paid work is a lot on my plate, so I'll target '07 as my first attempt. We'll play it by ear though, as prose isn't exactly the easiest thing to structure. My brain is much more geared for screenwriting than anything else. While I really like prose, anything beyond short form is beyond my current comfort zone.

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