Done Day

First draft of the second "issue" of my first ever comic is done. My artist, the amazing [Can I mention his name yet?] is doing some roughs this weekend and getting started probably tomorrow on #1. He'll be going fairly slow (as he's working on multiple projects and transitioning full time to comics right now), so I don't know when the actual book will be complete, but those first pages will be pretty special to me. I just hope I live up to how good he is with my scripts.

What's less Machiavellian than chess, but can carry some of the same connotations? That's the question I asked myself for a while today, to no avail. I did learn about all sorts of Chaturanaga game family games though. None of them seemed to suit my purposes, so I went a different route.

Friday night saw me finish up the breakdowns, where I figure out the pagination and beats of everything I'm going to write for the last 66 pages of the OGN. From there I was able to get over myself and my overanalysis of pacing, do my job, and let the editors tell me where it doesn't work. This will only backfire if they respond with, "It doesn't work anywhere." But there's a good chance nothing quite that bad will happen.

The rest of the weekend I work basically non-stop except for food and Monster House breaks. Damn that's a taut script, and one that I learned a lot from watching. Even the second time I was reminded how good it is. Wish I had that command.

Work continues to be both awesome and frustrating. The 2007 schedule is basically set, and some of what I'd like to see done didn't make it into the game plan. I've jumped head-first into the rest of it though, and I'm trying to make the most of it.

Still, it's frustrating. Especially when someone takes the time to read something but doesn't actually read it. They say something that strikes you as odd and uninformed, then you go back and say, "Yeah, this could have been avoided if the instructions were followed." It's like that test back in elementary school, where you have a minute to complete a sheet with some crazy number of instructions on a page, but #1 is to read all the directions before beginning the test. When you get down, further, you realize that the test isn't to get the BS work done, it's to follow instructions. The last instruction tells you you've already won and to put your pencil down. The first time I got this, I was off to the races. Needless to say I felt like a chump. Anyhow, some things never change. Not for me, but, you know, for some people.

Having a good time taking full advantage of my ability to bust my ass so that the schedules are adhered to, only to have Murphy's Law constantly come into play. Today a colorist informs me that his hard drive bit the dust. He's not coloring multiple books right now. None of them are due this week...

I do the best I can. I work in comics for a living. I'm getting published and collaborating with an awesome artist. I guess that's all I can ask for at 22. 23... You're in for so much trouble.


Back Up Offa Me

So I'm officially go for writing a back up story to appear in the back of some Top Cow books at some point soon. Just wrapped the story and sent it off to the higher-ups (it's already been approved by the managing editor...). Got to spend some time researching cool things like psycho-pharmacology, human waste disposal, and random acts of torture. Not exactly what I pictured when I set out to write this thing, but I went with my gut and stayed the course. Not sure if the hook is as strong as it could be, but I don't think anyone will see it coming. Or maybe they won't care. We'll see what happens when I get some feedback.

Either way, it's a nice change of pace from my OGN work. And it will be awesome to see art rolling in on both projects. No one has ever drawn anything I've written. Unless you count my flying squirrel book from way the hell back. Not only did I attempt to draw it, probably in crayon, but I made up a word that was about 9 words long combined from all sorts of gibberish and prefixes (a 10 year-old's take on cyber punk) and scribbled it down on my desk at home. Not on paper on the desk, but in pencil on the desk itself. Not sure how bad that little book is now, but knowing I was never an artist, and I'm still not the writer I want to be...

Anyhow, I'm writing. Not as much, as fast, or exactly the creator-owned projects I would like, but I'm getting paid to do something I love. How can you beat that?


New vs. Used

My job is like a used car.

Damn You, Fraction!

You did the unthinkable...

WHY???!!!!??!?!?? Why did Stilt Man have to die to suit your sick purposes?


I Missed Halloween?

Things have been tight and hectic of late. Trying to get everything wrapped before I leave for Atlanta tomorrow night.

I've got:
  • A script to polish so my artists can get started
  • Ad text to write
  • A back-up story to research and write, and I'm not even 100% sure what character has been agreed upon for it.
All that and my television skills are falling way behind. The combination of missing cable and Internet at my girlfriend's house is partly to blame. So is my addiction to all things that let me skip the minutiae of life.

Anyhow, I'm swamped. But I always have time for Tony Lee...

Link of the week:
Jock tells you how to do covers the awesome way. That Jock... He's amazing.