Some days just start out bad.

You wake up to a stack of e-mail you know is going to make you late for work. Work e-mail of course. You don't have time for the personal variety. One of those e-mails is from an artist's agent, and uses the words please, soon, talk, and serious stuff. It's going to be a long day.

Storms get weathered, conversations get had, and days go on. This one went on and on, spiraling into a debilitating headache that began on the nearly hour-long drive home (total time of commute today - 100 minutes) and ended while trying to pack up my belongings for the move.

You run the production meeting and take a look at the schedule. Maybe it's just because I'm Jewish, but New Year's doesn't seem like it would take that much time away from work. People keep talking about these holidays, but you were at work... The schedule is a dangerous mistress.

Another artist sends you an e-mail claiming there's no way he can do the work by the given time. He can either hack it out, or it will have to go in FedEx tomorrow. He can't get it done in time. You come up with an impassioned plea, illustrating the marriage of art and commerce in the comics industry, and how once again a couple hours on either day of the weekend could have avoided this problem. Or waking up earlier. By the time you push send, there's another e-mail in your inbox telling you that he's finished, and that the pages will go out today.

Wash that down with a thought-dead project roaring back to life for another round of revisions. The time spent managing the project has taken more time than than some entire series do. You're not complaining, it's just a bad to day to have yet another thing back on the plate.

At least one of your superstars came through today, and the marketing requests were dealt with in an extremely expedient manner.

Oh, and those people who told you to make X, Y, and Z changes, and you explained which could and couldn't happen. They've given you the same corrections and more. It's like talking to yourself, and you wonder if there's any way to be more clear than addressing issues point by point.

Some days start out bad. Others end that way. My middle was gooey and delicious. Well, for leftovers anyhow. At least yesterday I watched Scrubs. Stupid Tuesday...

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