Not Fired!

I've been sucking hard. (That's what she said.)

Honestly, my output, my commitment, and my work has not been there of late in terms of my writing. I've been so beaten down by work and life, that I didn't care about anything anymore. It got so bad, that after I tried to quit and then rededicated myself to the project because I was an idiot, I then did nothing. I tried to do many things, but the work wasn't coming. The words weren't there. So I made an alternate plan, calling for more assistance from the mighty Wohl, and saying I would get him X, Y, and Z. All I got him was E, for excuses. It was so bad that he had to light a fire under my ass, giving me a drop-dead of Thursday morning (a few hours from now) for getting what I promised in, or he would assume he should proceed without me.

Maybe some would call that dick, but I call that good editing. He knows I want to work on this book. He knows I want this under my belt. And he definitely knows how jazzed I am to be working with my artist. If anyone doesn't know, I'm on the book with Kody Chamberlain, and it's called Wight and Associates, out this Fall. I'll put up the promo piece here on the site, but it already appeared in the Zero-G Preview book. Anyhow, David threatened to take away what I wanted. And even though it took me until 2am to get it to him, I think it's in under the gun, unless there's a catastrophic e-mail failure or something.

Seriously though, tonight was probably the last night I expected to get any work done. I was tired, I was sad, I was uninspired. But I got off my ass and I wrote. And that's what writers do. They write. Simple as that.

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