Operation Not Quitting - Phase One

I was a stupid idiot. I took a job, I wasn't happy with my own work, I procrastinated, then I tried to quit. I'm over it.

So now I need a new script that I can be happy with and that can let me move on to the next one by late Thursday night. The good news is, I've completely written the script twice before. This will officially be my third draft, but between all the treatments and revisions on that, I'll call it my unofficial fourth. So the good news is, I know how it starts, and roughly how it ends. The bad news is, it's been gutted. A scene I've had problems with in every version is now gone, leaving me with four empty pages before a pivotal scene happens after the now missing scene.

All in all, after throwing out everything I had problems with, I have eight pages of script already written. I may need to finesse to make fit with the new version and surrounding scenes, but I'm just over 1/3rd of the way there. Problem is, I'm 2/3rds out and a little unsure how much of the now missing scenes can be reworked and salvaged versus what I need to go completely original with. Made some notes tonight, but it's more pre-planning than planning. I think I can get it worked out in my head during the day tomorrow (or at least I hope), then get to some typing and maybe knock half of what's left out tomorrow.

The interesting thing is two of the new ideas I had today. One will strengthen the overall story, and the other, I'm not sure about... Could be a complete waste or a nice expansion of the narrative. It could go either way based on execution, which is exactly what I'm blanking on. Oy...

This isn't going to be easy. And it may not be great. But it will be better than it was (which I'm told wasn't terrible), and it will be done on time. I'm going to get some sleep now to ensure that this happens.

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