Seattle Friday

Not much going on.

We got here. We checked in. We checked out the convention center, which the front desk tried to tell us was a mile and a half away, but was closer to a half a minute walk. Our boxes and booth weren't there yet, so here's hoping it all shows in time for me to set up prior to the show tomorrow.

Met up with Marz, and saw the sights. We went to the Space Needle (but stayed down on earth), and the Gehry designed Science Fiction Museum, but didn't make it past the gift shop. Then we went via monorail down to the wharf, and Pike St. Market, where we went to a comic shop (go figure) and ate dinner at a French restaurant. I had cassoulet, which had all sorts of meats I shouldn't be eating, but it was pretty damn good.

After that, we took the monorail back to the needle, and walked back to Marz's hotel. A quick drink with Aaron Lopresti and Frank Cho later and we've retired to our room at the Silver Cloud. Yeah, we have a giant plasma TV hanging on our wall. It's nice. Unfortunately, all the con folk are at the hotel we left from... Why they're not closer to the show, I don't know. But hey, at least I can roll out of bed whenever I want.

Anyhow, like I said, not much going on.

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