Slaving Over a Hot Script

I have no idea how to make this not suck.

It's a bad premise for a comic. It's not visually appealing, there are too many characters, and the writer isn't experienced enough to make it work. He tries. He tries straight writing, beat breakdowns, whatever. There's no way to get around the fact that he's also spent hours staring at what is essentially a flashing cursor (although Final Draft's cursor often disappears).

The problem is that what I care about is not sucking, not telling a good story. And that's a major problem. Someone could tell a good story with this, it just isn't me, or at least it isn't the me of today. I wrote the original #2 in two days. That's the actual writing, not the thinking about, plotting, etc. Now I can't seem to make it any better, despite months having gone by. I think the first draft was done on November 19, the second on February 11. Yeah, I turned in a first draft on #3 in between as well, but shit...

Why can't I just hack this thing out and get it done? Why can't I make a single ounce of fucking progress. I'm tired of not getting any closer. Why does nothing inspire me?

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