No, Seriously.

I'm not a well man.

That's not to say I'm sick. I was a bit sick last week, coughing up stuff, but I'm mostly clear of that and am now of sound body and mind. There's no alcohol or drugs coursing through this bloodstream. And yet, something is wrong with me.

My full-time gig takes up a lot of time. There's the fact that on an average day I wake up between 7 and 8, and from that point on barring a run or passing out in the shower, I'm checking e-mail pretty much constantly for the next 12-15 hours. All while fielding phone calls, pulling out my hair trying to juggle blown schedules, requests for umpteen different things, proofing, yelling at people who say they've uploaded when the files clearly aren't there, bugging people for scripts, reading scripts, making notes, planning the future, talking to my bosses, taking meetings and more. These are just a few of the many things I, as an editor, do on the day-to-day tip.

Then there's the freelance stuff I'm already set to do. I wrapped my one-shot a couple weeks back, but I still have my OGN that became a mini that added an issue bringing the total up to 5. I've written almost two issues. Issue two is in flux, but then after that I should proceed steadily toward the finish line ably abetted by my co-writer, David.

Then there's the thing I'm putting together to pitch with Troy. We're meeting only about once a week when one of us isn't out of town, but the goal is to have that thing totally pitchable and probably be under way with script by the end of July. We're not pitching at SDCC per se, but having it ready by then would definitely not be a bad thing.

But here's where I'm sick in the head. Last week I had an idea. I should write a screenplay, I thought. Yeah, and I should do it by my birthday or, failing that, by the end of August. So on top of my ridiculous schedule, my freelance commitments, my project with Troy, balancing a social life and exercising, I'm going to find time in my day to write a feature-length screenplay in the next 60 days. Well, less than that considering July 2 is almost spent.

And to drive the point home, I'm not coming at this with an idea from the green folder. I haven't pulled anything out of the file on my writing e-mail. I haven't even thought of an idea, sparked to it, and been off to the races. I am very much, out of my ass, trying to write something with a sub-60 day time limit and have it done. Now, I'm not talking about a final draft. I'm talking about a first draft. A version I'm happy with could be months or years away. But I need to accomplish something, and I need to make sure I'm writing every day.

So far the longest script I've written happened across two nights and somehow managed to get up to about 47 pages. Sadly, I can't confirm this, nor can I confirm how bad it is, because I can't seem to find the damn thing anywhere. I'll look through some old hard drives when I'm done here. Anyhow, that was during my sophomore year of college. A little over a year ago, I finished school. I decided the next thing I was going to do was write a TV pilot. Well, I managed to get Pilot Season off the ground at TC, but no such luck on my own endeavors. I have an idea, I even have some early notes somewhere, but ostensibly I've done nothing.

So here I sit, a month and a half from another birthday, with nothing more under my belt that I can really and truly hang my hat on. So it's time to suck it up and be a man. Or at least make the most of my free time. What little time that is.

Anyone has any ideas for what I should write about... Please feel free to share.

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Jeffery Stevenson said...

I have probably a hundred or so story ideas sitting around in files that I'll never get to... you're welcome to any of them.

Or do what I do for fun... take any historical event and rewrite it as some high octane action packed completely over-the-top extravaganza. "Coming to theaters soon! Follow one man's quest to prevent a secret organization from unleashing the greatest terrorist act mankind has ever witnessed... The Black Plague!"