Positivity is the Key to Reality

That's what my friend used to say back in high school. It never made sense until it did.

By clicking this link, you can read about our delays in scheduling and some of what we're doing to fix it. Filip Sablik, our illustrious VP of Marketing & Sales, gives the dish.

Let me just reiterate that we are busting ass, spending every working hour trying to get ahead, get on time, and get things back on track. There are a lot of reasons why things fell behind in the past and are behind now. Thing is, those things are always going to come up. We have to find a way around them. Will we be 100% on time in 2008? Doubtful. Even if we do everything right, there could be a print error or a shipping delay or any other thing we literally cannot control no matter how timely our output is.

But we're trying. It frustrates us not to have regular books out there month after month. More than it does the readers even. It's going to get better. This isn't just hyperbole.

Hang tight. Things are looking positive.