Writing Report - Early October 07

Well, as much as the day seemed like it would never come, I've actually managed to make some progress on Wight. Issue 3 is in the can, and that means we're just two issues away. The series doesn't move at a breakneck speed with tons of action, it's moody and atmospheric and a little heavier on talking than I would like, but it's the nature of the genre. Well, one of the genres. I'm really excited for the last two issues because... things actually happen. Questions answered, people making decisions, all kinds of things.

3 down (barring notes), 2 to go.

Troy and I have been on a mini hiatus with our project. We were on a good roll and were pretty close to having most of the main story beats worked out to the point where we could put together a pitch for the damn thing, but we got derailed by life and work. Anxious to get back to that as well, but he's leaving town next week so... I think we should (and need) be able to get that locked down before Wizard World Texas in mid-November, so that's my goal. Once we land a publisher, I'll be able to discuss more.

I don't know what I want to write. I'm in a funk, and I want really loose assignments. I've still got what I think is a really solid screenplay floating around in my head, I just need to commit it to paper, and I've a few comic concepts I dig but I'm not sure I want to spend the time to develop.

I've been in a funk of late, and it has me questioning whether I want to write about what I thought I wanted to write about or write about what I know (which is basically all the themes I always right about). Melancholia and angst pretty much cut to the heart. I really just wish I had some kind of direction. The good news is, the two comic projects which have borne fruit have been very different. The thing with Troy, also quite different. It's not like things are getting stale, quite the opposite, I just feel lost and bogged down creatively. I want to know where I'm headed.

If anyone wants to have me write anything for them (publishers with money) or develop something from a nugget (artists with talent), let me know. I'm in a weird place and seemingly only getting weirder.

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