WW Texas Day 1

Hey gang,
been a while since I was on, so I decided to post a quick update before hitting the sack. Texas is in full swing, and the first day was not bad. Brisk sales and walk-ups throughout the day, and I had enough time to swing through artist alley. Good buddy/great artist Kody Chamberlain was out dropping the goods (Punks: The Comic) on fans and onlookers, Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn were doing their low key humble thing despite everyone telling them they rock, and Top Cow alums Joe Benitez and Billy Tan are representing for the Cow.

We had a good day with the big man, Marc Silvestri, Mike Choi, Michael Broussard, Kenneth Rocafort, Eric Basaldua and young Phil Hester signing at the booth. Good times had by all, or so it appeared. Fans definitely enjoyed it.

After the show we headed over to the live art + auction benefit Heroes for Heroes (no relation to the Hero Initiative). Marc destroyed a new Darkness piece, Michael tackled the Hulk, Hester rocked Swamp Thing (I wanted to win the auction, but alas I work in comics and money is limited), Eric did Aliens v. Predator, and Filip and Kody teamed for a Blaxploitation jam piece. Mike Choi decorated some wacky doll to look like either a soft venom or a chunky black suit Spider-Man. Filip should have pictures of most of these, so I'll try to get them on here in the coming days.

The night ended with a trip to Waffle House, which was only a mile walk from the hotel, and so worth it. Lest you think this blog is a complete waste, I present a snapshot of the now, showing me giving notes and doing the editorial thing, and Mike Choi doing what he doest best in the background.

More tomorrow, unless the night takes us...